“I know how it feels to live in a world that falls for the look while you always fall for the feel .”

- J M Storm



there can be no doubt that birthing a baby is a pivotal moment in a woman’s life & with more than 20 years of experience working with women & their newborns, I have come to understand very well, the fleeting days of this stage of life.      they pass in a blur of excitement, sleeplessness & overwhelm.      and love.      heart exploding love.      it is the beginning of something so perfect you can’t even imagine. and it will take you by complete surprise.   

my focus is to capture all of those special newborn details.      the flakey skin, the wrinkly knees, the tiny fingers & toes as well as documenting the magic of your newborn love bubble.      sessions are held at the place of birth, be it hospital or home, usually within the first 48 hours.      no two sessions are ever the same, each being customised to tell your own unique story in the most uncomplicated way possible…

Clare x

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love notes

We are so happy with the beautiful photos of our little girl! Clare did an amazing job capturing some priceless pictures of our newborn in such a simple & relaxed way. Thank you so much Clare.
— Emily B


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