levi | melbourne family photographer

Building my new website has meant that I have had to go back through galleries of families I have had sessions with over the past couple of years and I have just loved re-visiting these so much that I decided to share some of my favourites. 

This newborn lifestyle session took place at home in beautiful bayside Melbourne, late morning, after the older kids had finished their morning activities! That is the beauty of an in home session. It is so easy to fit in around a busy family schedule.

Most newborn photographers will tell you that the ideal time to get your photos done is in the first couple of weeks after birth, but with a lifestyle session "the perfect age" really isn't important. No matter what the age we will always capture some wonderful images and, at six weeks of age this session with Levi was evidence of that!!

There was a wonderful energy in this family with the older kids very keen for a little "show & tell" of some of their favourite games and of course to show me around their home which I just L O V E D! Bec (Mum) has an incredible sense of style as you can no doubt tell just by looking at that amazing retro sofa!! The bassinet is a real vintage piece and just so gorgeous! And the dining table? An original hand made by Scott (Dad). The whole house had such a relaxed vibe and reminded me a little of my childhood.

Levi was absolutely adorable and I could quite happily have popped him in my bag and taken him home! (Did I say that out loud? lol) Being six weeks of age meant that he was wide awake and ready for action and there was certainly plenty of THAT! The older kids loved jumping and wrestling on mum and dads big bed. Levis beautiful bright eyes just beamed and he was such a relaxed little man, not at all bothered by the exuberance of his older siblings.

I guess that is just the natural order of things isn't it? As the third child you just have to go with the flow ...

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