a hearty home | melbourne newborn photographer

Did you see my Instagram stories yesterday while I was at work? Maybe you didn't know about my "other" job! In addition to being a newborn photographer I also work as a nurse in Special Care Nursery.

For those that don’t know, the nursery is a very important part of the maternity unit where babies are cared for if they are born early, are unwell or perhaps need a little help with feeding. I’ve been working with newborns & their families for such a long time now and I really love it so much. No matter how busy I get with my photography I just can’t seem to give it up!

Teeny newborn cuddles are a perk of the job but I also love the team I work with. They are an amazing bunch of people and I trust them implicitly which is so important in this job.

And ... I love working with the families as well.  Watching people becoming parents, gently guiding them on their way. It’s a privilege that I will never take for granted. I meet so many wonderful people. 

Jade & Pete & their teeny tiny twin girls Madeline and Charlotte were no exception. They are such an awesome little family and we had a lot of laughs together during what can be a difficult and frustrating time. I am even more grateful that they then invited me into their "hearty" home to photograph them as a new family. 

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