small space - big love | melbourne newborn lifestyle photographer

Having a lifestyle photography session at home really is an awesome way to capture your family EXACTLY as they are in the moment. The laughs, the cries & the quiet moments in between. 

But so many people hesitate because they don't think their house is big enough or light enough or stylish enough. To be honest with you, in the beginning when I first started out, if you didn't have a perfect house I would probably have had a panic attack upon arrival. But these days nothing is a problem that we cant work around. In fact I LOVE interesting spaces and finding the beautiful pockets of light just as much as I love big homes with perfect light. 

The newborn session featured below is a perfect example. This family has just welcomed twin girls to their little home. Gin was worried that their home would be too small but I think you will agree that we got some pretty beautiful images that perfectly portray the beautiful connection between them all. And THAT is what it's all about ... the CONNECTION! And they barely even had to get out of bed!

Now ... let me tell you my story of Gin! Gin is a work colleague & when she first started at my hospital as a student midwife I met her in the corridor one day where she asked me a question. I have no idea what the question was but I remember staring at her face thinking I knew her. I looked at her name badge and the name was familiar but surely it just couldn’t be true. I walked away from that encounter in total amusement and after a little while I got up the guts to ask her a few questions... and it was true! I bloody did know her! But not as you would expect. Her beautiful mama & my mama were nursing students together & the best of friends. I was just 16 years of age & my work experience program was a few weeks in the crèche that was attached to the hospital where our mothers worked. And that’s where I met Ginny... my little peanut head. She was just 6 months old & I totally fell in love with her. She was the first baby I ever really had the chance to look after & I just adored her. In fact it could probably be said that she is the reason I had so many kids and ended up doing the work I do today. How funny that we met up again as colleagues!

If you are pregnant & are interested in booking a newborn photography session at home please get in touch with me HERE. I would love to chat with you about your ideas ...