baby led newborn photography | melbourne newborn photographer

This week I was contacted by someone looking for a newborn photographer and I was asked to show my favorite images! Oh. My. Goodness! I don’t even know where to begin! I think my favorite session is usually the one I did last and for no other reason than it is fresh in my mind along with all the endorphins every session produces for ALL of us! I can honestly say that the past couple of months I have had so many amazing sessions that have been exactly the kind of work that excites me AND inspires me. So a HUGE thank you to all of those clients! You know who you are....

Today on the blog I am sharing a recent “baby led” newborn studio session. In this beautiful creative space that is intimate and comfortable - parents are able to happily put their feet up and relax while I quietly work away capturing their beautiful baby in the most natural and simple way I know how to. Baby led with the greatest care & respect for these little souls.

So what exactly is a “baby led” session? Put simply it means that I am following the baby’s cues and positioning them in a way that respects that. No froggy poses or weird configurations just natural stretches and comfortable curled up positions. To me it makes sense to photograph them in this way because I am a big believer in simple uncluttered images that clearly express just how perfect they are and capture their little personalities. Every session is unique because every baby is unique and to me that is pretty special.

I hope you enjoy these image of little Harry …. feel free to leave some feedback for me as I always love to hear from you and of course if you would like to have a chat about booking your own newborn session please get in touch with me HERE.