world breastfeeding week

This week we celebrate “world breastfeeding week” with the idea being that when fathers, partners, families, workplaces, and communities support the breastfeeding mother, breastfeeding outcomes improve.

 Ask any new mama & I don’t doubt that she will tell you it’s one of the most challenging things she has EVER done as a woman. And that’s when it goes well without any obstacles along the way! Little thought is given to the breastfeeding journey during pregnancy with the focus being on the growing baby and the impending birth - which is to be expected. But what you think is just going to happen naturally, for many new mamas becomes fucking hard work & not to mention bloody painful!! BUT it doesn’t have to be that way & that’s why the support from everyone around you is so important.

I have put together a few tips below that might help you on your own breastfeeding journey…

  • Get yourself educated during your pregnancy so you have an understanding of how breastfeeding works & what to expect during this time. Go to a class & start to build your new mama network. You are going to need each other!

  • Get plenty of help with your attachment/latch while you are in hospital. If it hurts - get it checked!! That’s what your beautiful midwives are there for. To help you get the very best start you can.

  • Pay attention to your feeding. Put your phone down & listen to how your baby feeds. Watch the body language of your baby & you will soon work out what is a good feed & a not so good feed.

  • Take in ALL the info & advice & then use what is gong to work for you! So often I hear “we got so much conflicting advice”… but honestly, it’s possibly all good advice. Different things work for different people.

  • And finally - the most important tip of all! Be kind to yourself… It takes a good 6 weeks (on average) to establish breastfeeding. You need to be patient & just do the best you can. Because your best will always be enough.

You can see more of this beautiful in home newborn session HERE and if you would like more information about having your very own newborn session you can contact me HERE & we can have a chat about your ideas!

Clare X