hailey & ella | motherhood photography session by clare armstrong | melbourne motherhood photographer

Rather than just sharing a few images from a recent motherhood session, I thought maybe it might be nice to go a little deeper. So I asked Hailey if she would like to write a few words to share with us all about her own motherhood experience. I’m so glad I did … it’s no wonder the bond between these two is so intense now that I understand what they went through together in the early days of her life. Get yourself comfy & have a read …

I have wanted to be a mummy from day dot. I love kids and have always been naturally maternal and caring. Being a mum was always my ultimate goal in life. I knew I could have everything else but if I wasn’t a mum I’d never be complete. 

When I first met Ella earth-side it was wholeheartedly, unapologetically love at first site. I thought feeling her and seeing her on the ultrasound was the pinnacle but I quickly realised this little babe would take me to levels of love my heart didn’t even know existed. 

She was the light during an extremely difficult time as my husband started intense chemotherapy just two weeks after she was born. I’d bring her into the hospital everyday to be held by her daddy, one armed as the chemo was pumped through the other. She was passed from person to person who came to visit him daily. When things got tough we’d turn and look at her and she made us strong. The chemo nurses loved her and would take her on their rounds so I could take a nap or have something quick to eat. 

I’d get home every night, eat whatever food was left at the door for me by friends and family and then I’d get Ella all ready for bed with a bath, moisturise and fresh clothes. We co-slept so I could wake up as soon as she would and change or feed her as she needed throughout the night. Then it was back to hospital the next morning to do it all again. Sometimes I’d cry once everything was done but she taught me to get myself together and get on with it. She taught me the resilience I never knew I had.  

This start to life has made her so secure and friendly. You’ve never seen such a confident strut in your life! When we go to the supermarket it now takes twice as long as she wants to say hello to everyone we pass and talk to them in her baby chatter. I can’t wipe the smile off my face as I see how happy she can make even a tough bikie looking guy who she’s happily chatting away to. When we first took her to daycare at 10 months she didn’t even look as I left the room and I watched through the window with tears of pride in my eyes at how happy and independent she was. 

But as independent as she is she’s so affectionate. She can’t just sit next to me or her daddy. It has to be in our lap or on our chest. It makes me laugh every time seeing her back her little button up onto my lap. She is forever asking me for a “cuggle” and she gives the sweetest little kisses ever. On the rare occasion I pop down the street without her she screams my name in excitement when I get back home and runs up and gives me the best squeezes. 

Motherhood has been my biggest pride and accomplishment. I love spending time with her, I love talking about her. I love discovering what interests her. 

She makes me laugh everyday and I love rediscovering the world through her eyes. I was never that much of a beach person but she absolutely loves it so I go as often as I can with her. 

I’m a big believer in turning lemons into lemonade so one morning when she woke up far too early I decided to take her to the beach to watch the sunrise. Seeing her take it all in, the colours and sounds and cuddle into me as we watched together was absolute heaven. And by the time we got home she slept beautifully with her little heart satisfied. 

Of course she drives me nuts at times. She’s my mini me. So I get inpatient with her impatience. Luckily the yin to my yang, my husband, mellows us both out and his calming demeanour is exactly what we need when we get a little bit dramatic. 

I heard a quote and it completely and utterly sums up about how I feel about my beautiful family:

“How often do you feel lucky?”

“Everyday. Not all day everyday but everyday” 

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