surviving those first weeks with your newborn…

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So you’ve had your baby - congratulations! AND they actually let you take him/her home with you! Can you even believe it!? So now what? So much of the focus is on birthing during pregnancy, & rightly so. But what about the bit after that? The bit where it suddenly hits you that you are totally responsible for keeping another human being alive.

I asked the beautiful mamas on my Instagram stories for their top tips in surviving those first few weeks at home & being the amazing humans that they are, they have come up with some pretty good points. I’ve put together the top 5 below…

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1. Its ok to say NO Visitors!

Whether its for the first 24 hours, or even the first few weeks, it is perfectly OK for you to tell people that you don’t want visitors. And quite honestly, if they have a problem with that - it’s their own problem & not yours! It’s perfectly normal to want to bunker down in your love bubble as a new family & put all of your energy into finding your groove as new parents.

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2. Rest when you can

It probably sounds so cliche but try & rest when your baby is sleeping. Adjusting to life with a newborn is exhausting for so many reasons not just the obvious one of around the clock feeding. Your hormones will take time to settle & your body needs time to recover too. Housework can wait & if it can’t then see the next tip!

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3. Accept help

I’m certain there will be no shortage of offers of help from family & close friends. Take it all!! Whether its housework, meals or someone to hold the baby while you have a shower … take it! And if you don’t have anyone close to you that you feel you can call on, outsource! Get a cleaner in for a few weeks or some nutritious meals delivered to your door.

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4. Eat well

It’s so important to make sure you are eating well during this time & one of the biggest tips from our mamas was to stock up your freezer before baby arrives with meals that can easily be heated. Gratefully accept offers of yummy goodies from your tribe & have plenty of snacks available that you can manage with one hand. I recently came across a beautiful book “The first 40 days” by Heng Ou which is filled with delicious & nutritious recipes for new mamas as well as perfectly explaining the importance of self care during the post-natal period.

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5. Be kind to yourself

If you started a new job today you wouldn’t expect to know everything about it immediately, would you? You would give yourself at least 3 months to ease into it and motherhood is absolutely no different. It takes time to get to know your baby & understand all of their needs & just as you think you get it .. it all changes. Again! Every mother & baby is different. No matter the circumstances you are in, give yourself all the time you need to settle in to this life changing role. Try to take a little time out each day to recharge yourself & soak up all those newborn details because in a blink of an eye they change.

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A big thank you to Nellie & her gorgeous little man Roman, for allowing me to share images from a lovely motherhood session we had a few weeks ago. Sometimes the timing for a full newborn session just isn’t possible & this was a really lovely alternative. I will definitely be offering more of these sessions & if you would like more information please get in touch with me HERE.